Dr. Maurizio Castelli



  • Degree in Economics and Business
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Statutory Auditor
  • Technical Advisor at the Court of Padua
  • Expert witness in Penal Matters at the Court of Padua
  • Subject expert and teaching assistant of Tax Law at the University of Rovigo, Department of Political Science, course of Economic Law
  • University and conference lecturer

Areas of Consulting

  • Extraordinary transactions
  • Organizational and strategic business consulting
  • Corporate, contractual and tax advising

Areas of Expertise

  • Strategic planning
  • Extraordinary transactions
  • Generational transitions
  • Business insolvency and recovery plans

Lecturer for courses and conferences
at Professional Associations, Corporate Groups, CUOA, IPSOA, University of Padua and others, on the subjects of taxation and business, including:

  • Corporate Commercial Law
  • Balance Sheets
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • IAS – International Accounting Standards
  • Tax aspects of commercial networks (Credit Mediators, Agents in Financial Intermediation…)
  • Extraordinary business transactions
  • International taxation in real estate
  • Outlines of extraordinary finances in order to protect assets and generational transition
  • Business crisis prevention (alert procedure)