The firm, founded in Padua in 1991 by Maurizio Castelli, is composed of professional accountants, auditors and qualified consultants who work closely with the entrepreneur and his managerial staff, supporting them on a continuous basis in the ordinary course of business and in making strategic decisions.

The firm has extensive experience in complex issues of company management and in extraordinary business transactions, integrating typical tax and business consulting with strategic-business expertise -.

The firm focuses its consulting primarily on:

• corporations – in the ordinary and extraordinary management of daily operations
• natural persons – in the management and resolution of specific outstanding issues

Main areas of specialization:

• Management of ordinary tax and business services
• Extraordinary business transactions
• Generational transition planning
• Recovery plans and business insolvency
• Support work in the establishment of international structures in Italy
• Strategic business plans
• Business organization


Of fundamental importance for Studio Castelli are certain values and key concepts that distinguish the way we organize our activities and provide consulting to clients.

Work environment and internal relations

• positive, comfortable and dynamic environment
• ethics and fairness
• professionalism
• innovation

Organization and efficiency

• organization of activities
• efficiency and compliance with procedures
• team work
• problem solving approach

Competence and professionalism

• high standard of quality
• continuous training and updating
• competence
• accuracy
• punctuality
• creating value
• innovation

The client

• confidentiality
• active listening to the client
• acceptance
• transparency in relations
• pro-activity
• positivity
• timeliness